Sd Model 2 Zm02 8 Pink(disc)

Cnex Eic Corp Dbs Adrien Lastic

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The ZM02 is made of medical grade silicone with a silky finish. This dildo features a large head and prominent veins that adorn the entire shaft.The suction cup can be attached to a smooth surface or secured in a strap-on ring.We recommend using a water-based lubricant, and antibacterial toy cleaner for the care and comfort of this product.100% silky touch silicone with SILEXPANandreg; dual density: incredibly realistic dildo with super resistant suction cup base.The distinct thermoplastic qualities of SILEXPANandreg; make it possible to manipulate the flexibility, elasticity, weight, and density of products so that they adapt to what the client wants and can improve the experience with more pleasant textures than those already available.