Pwm Fondle Game

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Players stand on their chosen coloured footprints wearing their matching coloured glasses. Players take it inandnbsp;turns to spin. That player then has to do what the arrow lands on, for instance, hand on red bum, left foot on banana, etc. If a player lands on Fondle` they have to do a forfeit.andnbsp;Fondle can be played with either 2, 3 or 4 people. Players are instructed to use the spinner for the correct number of players.andnbsp;The game can be played with clothes, underwear or for the daring naked. Land on fondle? Take a shot; Strip! Take off an item of clothing; Kiss the person to your left; Cluck like a chicken; Moo like a cow; Hee-haw like a donkey; Oink like a pig; Do a little dance; You might decide to just do shots, or just play strip fondle. It`s up to you. Included: 4 pairs of glasses, 1 play mat, double sided spinner.